Smart, Social Media Engagement Tactics

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Social Media Engagement Tactics

Engagement Tactics

Forming a relationship with your customers is one of the fundamental parts of running a business. A way this can be done is through engagement tactics; ways that you keep your customer interested and coming back for more from your social media. But what exactly are the best ways to engage our customers in a way that’s not too overbearing but active enough to keep them interested? Below are five engagement tactics and strategies to do just that.

1. Like relevant and appealing content

Liking relevant and appealing content on social media is a great way to engage with potential customers. Your “likes” can go a long way, and if people see you liking certain types of content it can spark their interest. Liking pages that you find interesting and relevant can not only show your current customers what you’re into, but also attract potential customers through engagement. This applies to both business related things, as well as things you personally find interesting, as a way to engagement with people on a more personal level.

2. Following

While this may seem obvious, following people and business is a great way to engage them. Similar to liking, following relevant and appealing people and businesses will not only show them that you are interested, but will create a clear vision for your current customers to see where you are going. Follow pages that you find interesting, but also follow people and business that you want to engage with. It will show initiative and potentially start a back-and-forth.

3. Randomly “stalk”

Being active on social media and simply reading and learning is a very important tool. Randomly in this case doesn’t mean actually random, but instead a carefully constructed method of viewing your social media connections and learning as much as possible. Being informed is never a bad thing, and you can never be too informed on the going-ons of your social media world. In return this will help you better engage with people because you will know what works and what doesn’t work, from an outside perspective.

4. Share content, show people you care

Sharing content, whether it’s your own original work or work you appreciate from others, is a great way to engage people. If you see something that really interests you, share it on your social media. Not only will it show your current followers your interests and goals, it will show the people who created the content that you care about their content and message. This is a great way to get the ball rolling if you want to engage someone specifically.

5. Create, monitor, listen

Sharing your own content is a great engagement tactic, but it’s not the only step. Once you create content you must monitor it and listen to what people are saying. This is a great way to get a gauge on your audience, or potential audience. This can also help shape your content in the future. People might make suggestions, or provide constructive criticism that will help make your content better in the future. On top of this, looking at who is reading your content will help you better know your audience and how to engage them.


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Smart, Social Media Engagement Tactics
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Smart, Social Media Engagement Tactics
Social Media Engagement Tactics: Sharing content, whether it’s your own original work or work you appreciate from others, is a great way to engage people.
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