Frictionless Media: The Easier Enjoyable Experience

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Make it frictionless for your customers to buy online
Make it frictionless for your customers to buy online

Learn how to give your customers the fastest, easiest online experience possible with frictionless media.

By Chris Largent, Hudson Valley Public Relations Account Content Writer

We consume media more now than any other time in human history, but that is not news. What is news is how customers are caring more and more about their media experiences with the companies that they buy product from. An online experience that is prickly, slow and hard to get through will turn off most consumers and lose you the sale. The importance of this frictionless media cannot be overlooked if you are looking to be a successful online competitor.

So How Do You Make A Frictionless Experience?

There are several different routes that can be taken to make it easier for purchases on both your mobile or desktop/laptop sites. Here are our top four.

Encourage their visit

Even if a customer is only on your web page for exploration, making it the most frictionless experience possible will only help your company, whether it is for that particular visit or any future purchases.

Make sure that your servers run fast and efficiently. Note the capacity of your server and match it to the amount of traffic that you get. Visitors may be fed up with a long loading time or a bunch of hoops and registrations that they are made to jump through and sign up for.

Another helpful tool for getting your products found on your website is your own personal SEO. Include key words in your descriptions so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. Have suggestions come up while they are searching in the text box.

Keep reviews readily available

Many consumers turn to reviews when it comes to online shopping, since getting the feel and quality of a product is unavailable to them. Making these reviews not only accessible but also filterable can help the flow of your sale.

Do not be afraid of negative reviews either. Although it may be tempting to delete negative remarks, customers often times appreciate the existence of bad reviews so that they can weigh the difference themselves.

You can also open a section where comments and questions are answered by either you or other customers. This will create a frictionless communication between you and your consumers.

Finishing up

Much of the technicalities of buying and checking out can be a turn off to customers as well. Make sure you keep everything your customers may want to see right there on their laptop, desktop or phone screens.

For instance, if the purchase is allowing them a promotional discount let them know. However do not have the space that the promotion takes up take away from billing and shipping data.

Ensure security without having your customer have to go through too many steps. I know I personally have been turned off by a website that required the password to have a symbol, two capital letters, a number and a punctuation. Have a strength suggestion box instead, showing customers just how secure their password is.

Take advantage of your channels

It is not to say that every channel is best for every market. Know the channels and niches that your company fits into and utilize them. There is no need to squander time and money on a channel that isn’t a good fit for you.

That being said, make sure you use the channels that you have at your disposal: Social media, email marketing, mobile, desktop. All of these channels can be used in a different way and honing each and every one to its full potential will create a frictionless experience for all of your customers, whichever medium they choose to use.

A Big Part Of It Is Mobile.

There seems to be certain reluctance in purchasing on the phone, and a lot of customers may prefer to shop on their laptop and desktop computers. Constructing a fast and easy mobile site can be difficult since the compatibility is different and monitoring and changing must be in two different platforms. However, so much of today’s market and media are looked at and consumed on cell phones. Allowing customers to purchase products straight from their phones without having to resort back to their computers can be the step you need to increase your online market.

Keep in mind that these are only a few suggestions. There are many more that can assist you in your online platforms. For more information about frictionless media and a frictionless experience please contact us at 845.202.7087 or visit our website:



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Frictionless Media: The Easier Enjoyable Experience
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Frictionless Media: The Easier Enjoyable Experience
An online experience that is prickly, slow and hard to get through will turn off most consumers and lose you the sale. The importance of this frictionless media cannot be overlooked if you are looking to be a successful online competitor.
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