Content Marketing: Generates Traffic and Optimizes Your Site.

Content Marketing

The more posts you publish, the more unique urls are created and indexed.  This improves the likelihood of being found, clicked and contacted. The is no better way to organically optimize your site.

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  • A content strategy with 18 to 20 posts per month generates twice as many visitors to your site compared to 4 posts per month (HubSpot Research).
  • Keywords should be integrated directly into your header (H1 tag).
  • Earn trust and credibility as a thought leader by blogging. 71% of respondents report that blogging influenced their purchase decisions (HubSpot Research).
  • Integrate a compelling Call-to-Action within your posts.  Learn how to generate “likes” on Facebook, click here for free worksheet. Contextual CTAs correlate the text with the offer for maximum impact.
  • Develop an editorial calendar, this will organize your content as well as help to refine your message/keywords.
  • Add share buttons to improve your reach.
  • Killer content also means visually compelling images.  Simple, sharp, graphics can pull readers into your post.
  • Step outside of the norm, don’t go crazy but you won’t get noticed if you  just echo what is already out there.
  • Videos are a great way to generate traffic and awareness.
  • Metrics. Evaluate what posts get traffic, and why?
  • Track inbound links, this is key to assessing the quality of your content.

Source: Intro to Business Blogging, HubSpot



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