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Reputation management clearly has a big impact on a company’s revenue. It’s not a matter of if, but when. We respond to market conditions, never react.  Our team constantly monitors, measures and improves your brand’s reputation. We manage your brand, reaching critical stakeholders to improve your profitability today, and down the road.

Reputation ManagementEvaluate your Marketing Efforts >>>

Successful marketing campaigns grow with sound research. Start evaluating your ongoing marketing efforts — Track phone calls, web traffic — everything. 

Ideally, our reputation and external image are the same. However, since they are ever-changing we must constantly monitor both viewpoints and take action if problems arise. We need to pay attention to what people are saying, how, when and where they are saying it and then respond accordingly.

Research your Audience
Clearly identify your target audience to develop core messages and identify the best communication channels and methods to reach them.

>  Research your competitors (who, where, when and how they target)
>  Define you personas (values, buying behaviors, interests, age, income, geography, media consumption, devices, etc.)
>  Strategically define your unique selling proposition and brand identity (benefit, price point, positioning)

Market research is vital to ensuring that your plans maximize results. The most profitable businesses rely and continually invest in market research.

Engage to Build Relationships
Analysis of data provides insights into the consumer’s brand preferences, media consumption and values. Engagement builds lasting relationships.

Avoid and Manage Threats
When a threat is identified, it’s critical to determine where the threat is coming from. Respond, never react.

Andrew Ciccone is director of Hudson Valley Public Relations. His firm specializes in content marketing. He holds a BS in Marketing from Syracuse University and a MA in Corporate Communications from Baruch College.

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