Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing

1 – Creating authentic content

2 – Drive traffic and increase awareness

3 – Build / nurture relationships and connect via engagement tactics

By careful segmentation our marketing team focuses on hyper-local marketing and personalization. We identify influential thought leaders, monitor what’s important and what is being said about your brand. HVPR develops innovative marketing strategies combining technology and creativity to achieve real growth.

We develop cost-effective solutions and creative campaigns that generate high levels of awareness to nurture relationships that build trust, credibility and authority. Our strategies identify and engage with key stakeholders on and off-line to bring explosive growth to your brand through our 4-step process: 

Identify > Engage > Amplify > Convert 

Right Person + Right Message + Right Time + Right Channel + Right Device
Deliver your content to the right people within the context of the conversation. 

Engage in conversations, answer questions, and solve problems. Social media is about being original, interesting, and authentic. Stay relevant to your company values. Maintain the credibility of your message. No BS. Optimize connections. 

Amplify the authority of your brand. Look for ripples in your posts (substantial engagement). Use your posts to cross-promote all your platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. 

Convert targets into customers, clients and consumers. Build relationships. Place effective call-to-actions where they can drive the most subscribers/followers. Make your competitive advantage clear and demonstrate with messages that are so compelling that they will select your organization over the competition, every time. 

The Process of Influencer Marketing

More than ever before, the medium is the message. HVPR campaigns engage customers by: 

  • Understanding their behaviors, affinity and context across multiple traditional, digital, social and mobile channels.

  • Designing and coordinating engaging customer experiences to take each individual on a personal journey over time to create desired outcomes.

  • Delivering relevant, personalized content and messages across multiple channels and devices.

  • Tracking results to learn best practices and using this knowledge to adjust and succeed. 


Andrew Ciccone is director of Hudson Valley Public Relations. His firm specializes in content marketing. He holds a BS in Marketing from Syracuse University and a MA in Corporate Communications from Baruch College.

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