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Influencer Marketing >>> 

Branding is the emotional and psychological relationship created between you and your customers. It is the glue that holds your products, content and services together and what ultimately distinguishes you from the competition.  Branding is essential and it is an ongoing process for every successful company.

influencer marketingStrong brands >>>

>  Always meet your expectations, and rarely let you down.
>  Stand up to criticism, have identities and values.
>  Maintain incredible trust and loyalty with their customers.

Creating a Winning Brand >>>

Brand Building is a long-term strategy that starts with strong values and earns trust by meeting expectations, all the time.  Creating a great brand starts with the product.  Carefully listen to their consumers, looks inward at how the product is manufactured, then looks outward at the company’s values. Carefully relate the brand with consumer trends and values, all while maintaining a unique identity that customers can connect with.

Branding is what the consumer sees and feels when they hear your product or service. It is how they use the product, what it means to them, why they love it. It’s how you speak to your consumers, that makes them feel connected. Your voice must echo your identity through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions.

Brand Hyper-localization >>>

Today, #hyperlocalism drives marketing plans.  Many businesses have started to personalize their branding strategies, offering the client or consumer the ability to choose from various brand options or have direct control over the brand.

On demand access to news and information is driving hyper-localism. GPS-enabled, internet-integrated mobile applications are capable of expeditious delivery of content that is relevant not just in a community, but right down to the individual within a geographic area.  The measured area has gone from entire towns and neighborhoods, to just meters and blocks.  While the delivery timescales have gone from days or weeks, to minutes and seconds.

Hyper-local marketing is about geo-targeting and time. The dimensions are measures of the relevance, or value [context], perceived by the consumer in time and space. Hyper-local content delivers more diverse and personalized content that targets specific geographic areas at the moment of most importance.