How to Make It Rain: Social Media Marketing

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Leveraging Social Media 

Gone are the days of attending endless events every week. Now let’s be clear, nothing beats nor will ever replace face-to-face networking. Social media extends your message to your prime prospects, amplifies what the firm specializes in, making the process of business development more efficient and effective. 

“Every social media post should have a beautiful graphic. If there are two identical stories, the one with the beautiful graphic will win“ — Guy Kawaski.

You may have heard that in order to be ahead of your competition, you must be able to accept change. In order to remain competitive, your law firm needs to accept that the ways business gets done is changing. Embrace the change. Or get left behind. 

Social media marketing is a highly effective and cost-efficient means to help your firm make it rain. The expansive reach and engagement you can generate with a well-crafted social media campaign, puts your law firm in front of the right people. 

Thankfully, it’s still not too late to start networking on the social media channels. Although entirely possible, don’t expect overnight success nurturing relationships online. Let’s get started. 


Start a blog. Making it rain starts with creating quality content. Begin with sound research to clearly identify your target market to develop a sound content marketing plan. A well thought out strategic plan will shape your content so that you attract the right readers.

Here are a few tips you should know when writing blog posts. 

Talk to One Person, Not Every Person 
When you’re writing your blog develop a writing style that is more of a narrative, as if you’re talking directly to the person, just one. Don’t make the reader feel like they are part of the crowd, but that they are the only person you are talking to. 

Make it personal. Make it easy to read.
Keep them engaged and wanting more! Blogging is perhaps the best way to talk directly to your audience, to build credibility, trust and establish your firm as authority in the field. 
Don’t get hung up on what to write, check out what the other blogs are writing about. Analyze how often they write, what they write about, if the articles are long or short. Take the best parts you like about each blog and then come up with some great ideas of your own.

Link Reputable Sources
One of the top goals of content marketing is to establish your firm as an influencer in your field. An influencer is the leading thought leader in your industry. 
Google favors your posts when you link reputable sources. When you link other reputable sources to your material, not only do readers start to trust your choice of resources but search engines do as well. 

Know Your Audience
Knowing who you’re talking to will make writing your articles much easier. If the majority of your followers are women, then write a few women empowerment articles or highlight a gender equality case you think may stand out. Knowing and catering to your audience may be something that will change over time. 
Analyze your site’s analytics, identify what content is getting the most hits or what age group, education level, or gender is visiting your website the most. 
Cross-reference your website’s analytics with your social media channels to begin to develop your brand’s persona. This will shape who you target your messages to and the tone and content of your narratives. 

Optimize Your Content
Familiarize yourself with the basics of SEO, search engine optimization. Optimizing your content will help your audience find your content more readily and help establish your firm as a leader in your field of law. Basic meta-data goes a long way to ranking your posts high on search engines.
One of the best CMS, content management systems is WordPress. That is because WordPress blogs integrate meta-data into the posts, helping to rank well with the top search engines. Well-crafted headers (60 characters or less) along with meta-descriptions (approximately 160 characters max) will help get your articles get ranked on the first page of searches for topics you write about. 
Keywords are buzz words that people use when searching for news, products or services. Your headers and body content should include top keywords that are relevant to your article. 

After each blog post you should be sharing your content on social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn. A great tactic to employ when engaging on social media is the 4-1-1 Rule: For every on self-serving social share, you should like/retweet one relevant post and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.

Share your posts 3-4 times a week for a month at different times each week on social media. Stay consistent. Remember to make your shares attractive, add a great photo and add relative hashtags to get more engagement. 

When scheduling posts, it is important to include a call-to-action. Develop a CTA that is turn-key and easy for your followers to click-thru to your website or your web pages. Give them an incentive to reach out to you whether it be a free consultation or a discount.

The 4-1-1 RULE

The 4 – 1 – 1 Rule
This rule allows you to self-promote and engage with your key stakeholders.  

Follow these DOs and DONTs: 

DO use hashtags. 
Hashtags will categorize your tweet under a certain topic. Sometimes these topics can trend and will spark a conversation between people following the hashtag feed. 

DO be mindful of the time of day. 
Most audiences are on during the day and on weekends. Tweeting during the day will generate 30% more interaction due to higher traffic. People also tend to be more active on the weekends, with 17% more engagement happening on the weekend.

DO follow key influencers in your field. 
Retweeting or liking influencer content will give people a sense that you understand what is going on in your field. Build a relationship with your influencers and follower alike. If someone retweets or follows you, thank them for engaging with you and have a brief conversation if it comes to it. 

DO learn what your competition is doing and stay a step ahead. 
Follow your competitors. See what industries their interested in and look for ways to expand your practice or client base. 

DO make your share more attractive.

Try adding a link or an image to get your followers to stop and take a closer look at your tweet. Make sure the image speaks to your audience. 

DON’T tweet about sex, politics or religion. 
Remember everything you say on the internet stays there forever. Like a wise man once said, don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the news the next day. 

DON’T share too much. 
Posting too much can be annoying and can push people away. Don’t overdo it, or they might end up unfollowing you.  Find that happy balance. 

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