Successfully Managing Your Business’ Brand Reputation

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Managing Your Business’ Brand Reputation

by Christopher Berkley, Content Marketing Manager at Hudson Valley Public Relations


Sucessfully Managing Business Brand Reputation
“A good reputation is more valuable than money.”
Billion dollar corporations and businesses may differ, they both share one key responsibility. Reputation management. The key to staying successful is by ensuring that the business’ reputation remains positive in the public’s eye. Bad reviews or negative press can put ruin on business, and lead to bankruptcy.
The Changing Media Landscape
The rules are changing. Social media has blurred the lines between advertising and public relations. In this ever changing landscape everyone needs to reevaluate how busines gets done. Ignoring the crowd will kill you. A timely response is the new norm in controlling the reactionary public.
Social media has given a powerful voice to the people, never before has there been such an opportunistic marketplace. The massive reach of the social world can amplify a crisis. Reputation management is now more vital to an organziation than ever before. Build strong relationships with your communities. Understand how and when to respond when an problem arises.
There’s two sides to your business identity: internal and external. Your reputation is “how people view your organization”. Get it right, it’s not how we “think” we look, but how others “see” us.
Management and Monitoring
Constantly monitor who and what your stakeholders are saying. Pay attention to how, when and where the conversation is. Never react. Respond in real time.
When and How
It’s critical to determine where the threat is coming from. The crowd can distort and damage your reputation. Take control of the conversation by engaging with your stakeholders. Listen. Discern who to respond to and those whose opionions are immutable.
Assess the size of the threat and then allocate the right amount of resources to respond. Never underestimate any threat, be prepared for an unpredictable outcome. Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.
Being Assertive vs. Defensive
Don’t embelish, never prevaricate. Confront the crisis before it confronts you. Get out in front of the problem. Plan in advance for questions and prepare for the crowd’s reactions.
Never let the crowd mash the message.
Schultz, M., Hatch, M. J., & Larsen, M. (2000). The expressive organization. (1 ed., pp. 97-112). Oxford University Press.
Successfully Managing Your Business' Brand Reputation
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Successfully Managing Your Business' Brand Reputation
Every business has an identity and the key to staying successful is ensuring that the business’ brand reputation remains positive in the eyes of the public.
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