Grow your Business with Sound Market Analysis

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Successful marketing campaigns grow with sound research. Start evaluating your ongoing marketing efforts — Track phone calls, web traffic — everything.


Grow Your Business with Sound Market Analysis
Grow Your Business With Sound Market Analysis

Listen to what customers are saying about your brand. What they want and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Track who they are, where they shop and what they want. The primary goal of every media campaign is to generate high levels of awareness. Marketers strive to efficiently maximize impressions (that’s the total number of people reached, one or more times).

Savvy content marketers understand how many messages are necessary to move customers to action. Strategic market plans develop an (effective frequency) to achieve the campaign objectives.  Analytics provide a wealth of data that can be used to identify and optimize your market plans.

Metrics Shape Content Market Strategy

          • How often they visit your site?
          • How much time is spent on your site?
          • What pages they visit, and how often?
          • How old are your visitors and of what sex?
          • Where are they from? How far will they travel to your business?
Market Analysis - Likes, Comments, Shares
Market Analysis – Likes, Comments, Shares



        • Engagement, (what they like and share)
        • Customers attitudes, values and buying behavior
        • Influencers
        • Loyal Customers
        • Market Trends
        • Customer Satisfaction

Analyze. Correlate insights from your social platforms back to your website data, then to phone calls and yes closed business. Valuable insights will be gained, turn negative social engagement into positive outcomes:

        • Is you copy strong enough?
        • Are you posting too much?
        • How effective is your campaign in generating awareness with your target market?

Speak with One Voice. There are many elements that shape a brand. The brand voice must echo your company’s reputation through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions. 

The Brand Social Style Guide encompasses color, font, white space and the brand identity:

        • How to represent the logo
        • What fonts and colors can be used and in what manner
        • A full brand description and what it stands for
        • Situations in which the brand can and cannot be used
        • Tone, voice, and manner guidelines
        • Other topographical and structural elements

Keep it Simple.  In simple terms, a good (ROI) return on investment is the actual results divided by cost. Sometimes it is difficult to pin-point exactly what drives the business. Daily, weekly and monthly tracking reports help identify where and what is getting results.

Content marketing is about placing the right messages on the right channels. Market research is vital to ensuring that your plans maximize results. The most profitable businesses rely and continually invest in market research.

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Market research is vital to ensuring that your plans maximize results. The most profitable businesses rely and continually invest in market research. Analysis of data provides insights into the consumer’s brand preferences, media consumption and values. Learn valuable insights into important issues and questions surrounding an industry or market. Engagement builds lasting relationships.

Andrew Ciccone is director of Hudson Valley Public Relations. His firm specializes in content marketing. He holds a BS in Marketing from Syracuse University and a MA in Corporate Communications from Baruch College.

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