Good Page Ranking Starts with Analyzing Data


Good Page Ranking Starts with Analyzing Data. 

Access the landing pages report to evaluate each page’s content. On the left hand side Google Analytic Reporting navigation bar double click on  content > site content > landing pages.

Evaluating page traffic sources is useful for mapping your overall search performance. Start tracking your traffic source level data to identify broad trends, such as comparing year-over-year performance. Always use data directionally and apply secondary research for a high level of certainty that your assumptions are valid.

Break down the content evaluating each pages engagement, by category, and by posts from your blog page. Use in-report segmentation, to segment data for a given report (i.e. landing pages). When you have your landing pages report open, simply enter the folder name of the given section of your site and click the looking glass icon. Once you click the icon, you will only see landing page data for your selected section of your website. Segmenting can evaluate site sections to view relative performance of site sections across a number of metrics.

Identify sections of the website that have very low traffic and that also don’t convert well. Execute a site: command and record the number of pages indexed. Now you can evaluate the pages more closely and decide if either content that should be to be better optimizing or if the low performing ought to be reduced or otherwise removed.

Google Analytics

Keyword Research

Take a look at the keywords data generated for each landing page. This keyword data combined with Google Webmaster Tools data and other third party tools may reveal why pages perform poorly while others engage visitors.

For content research purposes specifically, keyword level data can identify longer tail keywords for which you are bringing in good quality traffic. You can make this information actionable by using it to identify which of these keywords need better on-page optimization. Think about phrases rather than single keywords as a general guideline.

Internal Site Search

If you don’t have a search function on your site, get one set up today.  Internal site search tracking is useful for content analysis. Any internal site search on your website, can identify new content or keyword opportunities to improve your overall page engagement. .


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Good Page Ranking Starts with Analyzing Data
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Good Page Ranking Starts with Analyzing Data
Evaluating page traffic sources is useful for mapping your overall search performance and ranking. Analyzing data identifies trends.
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