Feeling powerless against the forces of darkness. Don’t panic.

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Maybe ... there is a beast ... maybe it's only us.

Feeling powerless against the forces of darkness. Don’t panic.

What NOT to do in times of crisis. The Government has proclaimed that the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States constitutes a national emergency.  The Center for Disease Control has

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Crisis Communications: Maintain Trust, Be Transparent and Keep Your Customers Informed

The COVID-19 is truly a global crisis. We are full into this thing and we have got to take a deep breath and take stock of the situation. During this

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Optimizing Connections, Building Reputations

Optimizing connections. Building reputations.

Optimize Connections. Build Reputations. Essential elements of an effective online reputation management plan begin with taking control of your brand.

Crisis Communications

How to Respond to a Crisis: What’s the Plan.

Transparency and immediacy are critical to successfully responding to a crisis. It is better to control any event before the crisis gets out of control.

Crisis management

Crisis Management: Having The Right Plan Is The Difference Between Success and Failure

Remember, the faster you respond to a crisis the better. Half the battle is fixing the crisis itself. The other is determining how the public perceives you.

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