Retail Marketing in Today’s Digital World

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Retail Marketing in Today’s Digital World

Retailers must set themselves apart from their competitors by offering quality products at competitive prices plus deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. Today consumers can click and pick up the merchandise at the store, have the product ordered in-store for home delivery or demo the product at the store and order online for delivery.

Order Online, Pick Up Today
Order Online, Pick Up Today

Ordering on-line is easy. How long will the emotional and tactile experience of  the in-store experience win out over the digital world? The number of in-store is declining rapidly. On-line retail sales are predicted to reach 60% in 2017, from 46% reported in 2012.

US Retail Sales Influenced by Digital


The future of retail is about transacting with customers on their own terms. Whether it’s in the store, at home, or on the go. Deloitte Digital (The New Digital Divide 2014) reports that in-store sales influenced by digital channels doubled to 36% in 2013, from 14% in 2012. Mobile online shopping is on the rise.

Customers like and love social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to interact online with their brands. Deloitte Digital reports that 75% of consumers said product information found on social media influenced shopping behavior and enhanced brand loyalty.

As people increasingly opt to watch information and entertainment streamed on-line. Personalization is going to be the best, if not only way to lure new consumers.  Analytic provides key insights into consumer intent and behavior to tailor targeted promotions to retail consumers.

Digital media is fundamentally changing consumers’ purchasing behaviors. The retail paradigm has shifted from a single physical connection point, to multiple, mobile -ready devices that deliver both traditional and digital channels. Retailers must start thinking now about how to achieve a perfect blend of in-store and ecommerce buying options.

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