Content Marketing Helps Change Attitudes

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Content Marketing Helps Save a Maligned Dog Breed

Special to Hudson Valley Public Relations, By Chris Largent Marist College Intern

Creative Content Marketing

In this age it is easy to get overwhelmed with a surplus of bland, boring content. It is the creative, ingenuitive content that attracts the eyes of customers. Then people read it.

Recently Honest Tea imposed a question to Americans, asking which city is the most honest? Employing social media, Honest Tea gathered responses (Olenski, Forbes 2015) identifying who, where, when and why consumers love their tea. A highly successful social media campaign was developed .

Social Media Marketing Its a jungle out there. Today it’s a challenge to just try to stay ahead of the curve. You need to get it right the first go around, start with a well thought out market-media plan. Focus on the vision, establish the overarching goals, then nail down you market objectives and strategies to achieve your goals.

Vision / Overreaching Goal
Media + Market Plan
Target Audience / Markets

It is important, however, to thoroughly examine the content that is being put out on social media (Clay & Newlands, 2014). In this on-demand digital word,  it is very easy to reach a broad, unspecific audience and flood it with information via social media. That is simply not an ideal way to go about achieving objectives and may, in fact, turn customers away.

Instead, figure out what the business wants accomplished by establishing several objectives that will help reach the overall goal. Once goals and objectives are decided on, research must be done to find the specific target audience the business wants to reach. Finding out who the customer is, when they shop and why can be vital information.

MARKET RESEARCH  —  Personas (Who, When, Where, and Why They Buy)
After the demographics have been compiled, assess and identify your business’s persona profiles. These profiles will help a business understand its customers and allow it to create meaningful and successful messages geared specifically toward its desired audience. By doing this, campaigns for new products and services can generate much more steam when entering the marketplace.

Campaign to Save Pit Bulls
While studying abroad in Australia, my group (Changing Attitudes, 2014)  was tasked with developing a campaign to lift the ban prohibiting owning a pit bull. There is a strong biases against pit bulls in Australia, not an easy assignment for sure.

Research, we started with sound research into the attitudes and opinions Australians have towards this misunderstood dog. Our research identified our core stakeholders consisting of new families with young children. A content marketing campaign was created to achieve our goals of changing attitudes towards owning pit bulls.

Videos and photos were posted strategically targeting new families via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) with emotive imagery showing a more loving and caring environment with young children. Engaging with our core stakeholders tactically on social media channels our team created an online movement in support of owning pit bulls.

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Content Marketing Helps Change Attitudes
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Content Marketing Helps Change Attitudes
In this age it is easy to get overwhelmed with a surplus of bland, boring content. It is the creative, ingenuitive content that attracts the eyes of customers. Then people read it.
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