Social Video Metrics: Measure How Attentive Your Audience Is

Social Metrics

Social Video Metrics

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How we consume media is evolving. The medium is the message.Site, sound and motion. There is no better way to engage than with video. Video is exploding over Instagram. You don’t need a big budget to make an impact online with video.

Make Sure Measure How Attentive Audience Is
Understand how video is measured online. Get creative and mash up your message with the crowd.

How Nielsen Measures Television. Nielsen is constantly monitoring consumer behavior in terms of viewing television, revealing viewer engagement during televised programs and commercial breaks, as well as which programs consumers view the longest. The data that Nielsen gathers allows companies to make calculated plans regarding programming and advertisements for those who tune in.

How Consumers View Media. The majority of Americans consume media passively. While consuming media online, we don’t think to “like”, or “share” or “comment” on most of what we read. Most of the data available online is directional, drilling down data requires large sample sizes and is still directional at best.

Online metrics for video helps shape your message. Ultimately, it’s the crowd that provides a true metric on how well the message is received.  YouTube measures video based on Watch time and Video Audience Retention to determine the quality of the content being produced.

Online videos are now being measured in terms of:

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  • Playthrough Rate. The average length of time a viewer watches a video it before clicking away.
  • Conversion Rate. The extent to which your video inspires further action, such as generating a new lead or triggering a sale.
  • Visibility and Viewability. Was the ad actually on the viewable screen, and if so, for how long?

Understanding the consumer and their needs, and maintaining that information is critical when developing a media marketing strategy. Start with sound research:

Step 1. Create a value stream map to analyze how the flow of information is delivered to the consumer.
Step 2. Analyze each process to assess if it serves any value or purpose to the customer (if not, eliminate it).
Step 3. Identify the constraint (limitations) in your marketing flow and elevate how to improve it.
Step 4. Implement and test new process using the Plan, Do, Check, Act, Cycle.

Plan Do Check Act Cycle
The Plan–Do–Check–Act cycle is a four–step model for carrying out change. Just as a circle has no end, the PDCA cycle should be repeated again and again for continuous improvement.

Not all stories are worth telling. There has to be an emotional pull (humor, inspirational, informational) to move your audience in some way. Creating content takes time and resources. As you plan your video start with sound research and consider how to engage your audience in the context of the conversations.

Ultimately, it is important to create video content that is informative, yet engaging to consumers.

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