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Taylor Swift – Popstar to PR

Popstar to PRWhat we can learn from Taylor Swift

Special to Hudson Valley Public Relations by Jalana Fuller, Intern Dutchess Community College

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the public eye, which has given her an edge in understanding the media and how it operates. Her calculated ventures in her career encompass important aspects of marketing and public relations that others should desire to replicated.

Become Familiar with your Audience
In public relations it is essential to be familiar with your targeted audience in order to make sure the message you send out is effective and easily understood. Taylor Swift has an overwhelming understanding of her fan base and is constantly using social media to its full capacity, engaging with her fans.

Taylor’s Instagram posts include a number of videos and photos giving a behind the scenes glimpse into her life and career. Her impressive use of media platforms has allowed her access to a wide, yet targeted audience through social media.

Become an Authority
Aside from the influential role Swift plays as a performer, her position on music streaming makes her a voice of authority. In her latest conflict with music company’s lack of adequate payment of their artists, Swift wrote an open letter to Apple Music voicing her opinion on their plan to launch a three-month trial period of service for Apple without giving royalties to their artists. Apple was quick to respond to Swift’s letter and the situation was quickly rectified with Apple Music changing their royalties plan.

Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling artists of all time,  having sold more than 40 million albums world wide. She brings incredible credibility and authority behind any message she puts herself behind. Taylor Swift’s massive following and growing popularity gives attention to what she puts out there.

Brand Meaning
Taylor Swift has built an authentic, original and beloved brand. Her fans have watched Taylor grow as an artists from her wildly successful transition from country to a pop music sensation with women today. The public gets Taylor Swift and they buy anything that she puts her name behind. Truly a highly desirable and powerful brand. Branding is imperative.

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