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Client: Compass Asset Management Group

Compass Asset Forbes Financial Leaders AD Portfolio

Project: Created an Integrated Marketing campaign with Native Advertising

Hudson Valley Public Relations created an integrated content marketing campaign including a native advertising ad that ran in a select subscriber base issue of Forbes Magazine readers. Native advertising succeeds best when the message clearly communicates that the content is paid promotional editorial. All attraction based advertising must be transparent, no bull or deceptive tactics to lure stakeholders in.

To read the full article that ran in Forbes click here.

Our approach starts with aligning the content with the goals of the brand (Compass Asset Management Group). Research and analysis helps understand, learn and constantly improve the brand message.  This integrated attraction based advertising optimizes content placing our content through channels where are stakeholders typically frequent or stumble upon for information and news on asset management. Brand values and guidelines are defined to ensure all creative speaks with one voice.

Engagement tactics initiated during the campaign leverage the highly target readership of the Forbes readers with weekly blog posts created by HVPR and tactical shares of relevant news and information regarding financial planning. Tactically several social media channels are used to identify and engage with potential new clients. LinkedIn is used to share content as well as engage with potential new clients. LinkedIn helps to create awareness, trust, credibility and establish Compass Asset Management Group as a thought leader on asset management. Twitter is used to engage with industry leaders in finance, the economy, investing and services that are a source for referral business such as CPA firms. Twitter is also used to generate awareness about the company’s weekly newsletter. Facebook is used primarily to build brand awareness as does Google + as well as identifying mergers and acquisitions which are an excellent source for new accounts.