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Facebook’s New Algorithm Change: How Does It Impact Your Business

JAN 2018 — Facebook has announced that major changes are coming to the social platform—specifically, a de-emphasis of branded content in news feeds.

Translation: there will be fewer organic posts in the News Feed from businesses, brands, and media.

Facebook's New Algorithm Change: How Does It Impact Your Business

Facebook’s New Algorithm Change: How Does It Impact Your Business

What has NOT changed is that great stories that break through the clutter, will be populated through Facebook’s News Feed. The rules are changing but creating an engaging conversation is still the best way to make organic, non-paid social content work:

  • Pay closer attention to the data to understand what content resonates with our customers;
  • Become more strategic (boost posts that go viral);
  • Focus on more live video opportunities (Instagram);
  • Nurture relationships with thought leaders who lend authority and credibility to Moriarty’s message: Facebook NOW gives priority to stories that are from sources people TRUST;
  • Create page posts that generate conversations between people: these posts will show higher in News Feed.
Not surprisingly, Facebook NOW will penalize pages that employ Click-Bait Tactics. HVPR simply does not endorse nor engage in this unethical practice. In case you are not familiar with these practices, I’ve summarized them here:

  1. Vote Baiting encourages users to vote in an informal poll by choosing a reaction.
  2. Share Baiting asks your followers to sharing one of your posts. By doing so they will be entered into a giveaway. Never ask someone to share your content with a bribe associated with it.If the content is interesting, relevant, helpful or important for people to know about something, then YES you can reward them for sharing content. 
  3. Tag Baiting encourages people to tag their friends and connections. While tagging people is a great way of getting their attention (and their engagement), it is considered a dishonest (low-quality tactic) that Facebook will penalize you for.
  4. React Baiting is similar to poll baiting – you instruct people to use reactions in a way unaligned with their intentions. Facebook’s big issue here is that it asks people to use reactions in a way that’s different from their intent. Again, it’s disingenuous and not authentic.
  5. Comment Baiting is when you encourage people to leave a specific comment on your post. The post isn’t asking for a particularly insightful thought or opinion – they’re just trying to rack up as many comments as possible. The reasoning is that the more engagement they get, the better the post will rank on Facebook. Not any more!

    Posts that ask people for help, advice, or recommendations such as circulating a missing child report, raising money for a cause, or asking for travel tips, will not be adversely impacted by this update.

Hudson Valley Public Relations is here to help you navigate and best plan use marketing efforts as you take your business to the next level. Let’s set up a time to meet up and review your marketing goals and develop a strategic plan for your business.

Facebook's New Algorithm Change: How Does It Impact Your Business
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Facebook's New Algorithm Change: How Does It Impact Your Business
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