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Women in the Workplace

Women in the WorkplaceWomen in the Workplace

Special to Hudson Valley Public Relations by
Brainn Newman, Public Relations Intern from Marist College

Who runs the world? Historically, women have struggled to find their footing in the business world, but that’s changing. Today’s women are more educated, make more money, are running Fortune 500 corporations and hold positions at the highest offices in our government.

Women have made great strides in the workplace and this trend will continue as more and more women earn college degrees, enter into careers, and are promoted to the highest executive levels they were held back from in the past.


Women are now leading the pack when it comes to being better educated at the start of their careers. Thirty years ago, eight percent more men aged 25-32 earned a four year degree over women. (Pew Research). In 1995, women surpassed men earning higher degrees. In 2013 seven percent more women had at least a four-year degree over men upon starting their careers.


Although women still only make 93% of the average hourly wage of men for the same job, their wage has gone up significantly since the 1980’s when women made about two thirds that of men. The Pew Research Center found that in 1980, men made about $20 per hour while women only made about $12 per hour. As of 2012, women’s wages increased on average to $14.96 per hour closing in on the men. Interestingly, men’s average hourly wage has significantly decreased from $20 per hour to $16 per hour. Women now earn about a dollar less than men.

Opportunities in Different Industries

Women have been working hard to gain equal employment opportunities, and while there has been an increase in these opportunities, 58% of millennial women and 46% of millennial men say that it is easier for men to get tops jobs in industries like business and government. In 1993, research found that 62% of people said that society favors men over women. This number has gone down, as of 2013, 45% of people claim that society favors men over women. Progress.

Despite that the numbers show that almost half of the people think that society favors men over women, there are multiple industries where women have the most jobs and make the most money. These industries include healthcare, employment services, educational services, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, insurance, advertising, and public relations, to name a few.

Eventually women will truly run the world, alongside the men of course.


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