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Cyber Security: Take Preemptive Measures to Protect Assets

 As emerging technologies continue to be embraced by consumes and businesses, mobile, cloud computing and big data will present new opportunities and risks.

The threats to your assets and information are real. Recently a law firm targeted lost $7 Million, and they didn’t even know about it. The FBI informed them. China-based hackers broke into 7 different Canadian law firms to get insider info on the  Potash Corp/BHP Billiton merger – Special Agent New York Division, George Schultzel FBI.

Leverage the major social networks strategically and tactically, (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and explore “branded networks” like Avvo. Join groups that will reach your targets, including referral sources and prospective clients. Get your website updated to be more engaging, then optimize your site for high rankings (search engine optimization).

Become current on trends in the industry, follow the latest changes in law practices on Twitter that can affect your clients and prospects. Think local act global, keep up news that impacts your new employees, the businesses in the area, who is leaving and why. What are your competitors doing to differentiate themselves? How are they pricing their services?


Top Security Threats

Identify Key Stakeholders.  Integrate social media into the market mix, nurture relationships and build trust and credibility.

Promote your expertise in your field.   Share client testimonials, effectively brand that your firm does that none of your competitors do. who don’t do what you do.

Thought Leadership. Become community focused, totally transparent and genuine. to help others first. Differentiate. Create a blog and begin crafting interesting articles targeted at your target base.

Add Value. Offer workshops, free webinars or complimentary consultations.

Embrace change. Constantly develop your legal and technology skills. Listen and engage with our audience, look for new ways to position your firm that gives your brand that competitive edge.

Never react to any crisis or threat. Analyze, evaluate, assess and then respond. Time is critical, think in terms of hours not days.





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